Terms and condition of the app University and server communication:

1) The application communicates mainly with STAG API of your selected university.

Communication is exclusively via encrypted HTTPS communication protocol and uses Basic authentication just for services that require authorization.

Typycally, these services include showing timetables, searching and other services, which can also be found on your university's IS/STAG web portal.

2) The application communicates with the University app server, which performs user authentication and provision of information that is not part of STAG system.

Communication is also performed exclusively via encrypted HTTPS communication protocol and based on the Access token authorization principle.

Typicaly, these include services such as university events, articles, news, notifications or job opportunities.

All your credentials are stored only locally on the device for initialization of relation with server while app running.

Your login credentials are sent to server University only while logging in to system, just for authorization purposes and creating of user account. After the authorization, credentials are removed from server and only non-sensitive data are stored with the user account on server. It is just a unique combination of the university, faculty, and username. This is the only information stored outside your device.

In no case is the password or any other sensitive information stored on the University server.

Based on this profile, you can later receive notifications about university events and articles from the university, or relevant job opportunities results.

Later in the application it is possible to assign additional data to the profile, but only according to your will. These adjustments can be made in your personal settings and could open more job opportunities for you.

If you have any questions about the app, do not hesitate to ask via contacts or feedback section.

We wish you the app works fine for you. Developers of the University app.